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Name: Luna Handler: Olivia Roop Breed: Greyhound Birth date: March 28, 2011 Luna is a retired racing greyhound adopted from GPA-SC in 2014. Her track career ended before it ever started after she was deemed [...]


Upcoming Flyball Dog Name: Foxwoods Louis Armstrong Jones Handler: Jeff Jones Breed: English Cocker Spaniel Birth date: 11/21/2014 Louie is a companion dog for my wife. We enjoy the spaniel breeds and want to give [...]


Call Name: Kris Artep Kris Kringle Handler: Margi Baldwin Moore Breed: Toy Poodle Birth date: 12/5/15 Why hello! I’m Kris and I am Margi’s fourth toy poodle. Does one really need four toy poodles you [...]


Name: Witten Handler: Maggie Bannon Breed: American Cocker Spaniel Birthdate: November 12, 2014 When he isn’t playing flyball, Witten loves taking agility classes at the Azalea Dog Training Club and might begin competing soon. He [...]


  Name: Tiki Handler: David Moore Breed: Lab / Border Collie Mix Birth date: Sept 2, 2013 Tiki was rescued from a home at the age of 6 months due to “allergy issues.” She received [...]


Name: Roxy Roxy Soxy Handler:Margeaux Squibb Breed: All American Birth date: November 11, 2008 Fastest time: 5.3 seconds Roxy, a rescue from the Florence Humane Society, has been playing flyball since since she was [...]


Name: Libby Lickety-Split Libby’s Exhibit Handler: Kristen Hudson Breed: Black Lab Birth date: 2005 Fastest time: 4.6 seconds Libby, known as Lickety-Split Libby’s Exhibit in AKC registration, is an 8 ½ year old Labrador [...]


Name: Jackson (Blackburn Gordon Hill Carolina's Swamp Fox RN CGC) Handler: Diane Dargay Breed: Gordon Setter Birth date: 2012 Jackson has a title in Rally and qualifying scores in Junior Hunter and Obedience. His [...]


Call Name: Izy Izabella Laelaps Vixen Handler: William Smith Breed: Beagle/Foxhound/Lab mix Birth date: June 2014 Fastest time: 4.29 Izy (aka The Little Terror That Could) has been racing since January, 2016. She is [...]


Name: Huck Huckleberry Phineas CA CGC FMX MBDCH-S Handler: Olivia Roop Breed: Hound mix Birth date: 2011 Fastest time: 4.8 Huck was found on the side of the interstate at 8 weeks old. He [...]

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