Name: Huck
Huckleberry Phineas CA CGC FMX MBDCH-S
Handler: Olivia Roop
Breed: Hound mix
Birth date: 2011
Fastest time: 4.8

Huck was found on the side of the interstate at 8 weeks old. He was surviving by nesting in a skunk carcass. It was love at first sight, obviously not at first smell! His favorite thing besides his mom and dad is his tennis ball! He began flyball training at 8 months old. After many many months of desensitization Huck overcame his very reactive tendencies and is now a cornerstone of the team! He can run in any position and with any dog, on his team or on an open team. He’s known for his curly tail and trademark hound bark in the lanes, you can’t miss the mouth of the south! Huck also loves disc, lure coursing, swimming, and his sister, Luna the greyhound!