Call Name: Kris
Artep Kris Kringle
Handler: Margi Baldwin Moore
Breed: Toy Poodle
Birth date: 12/5/15

Why hello! I’m Kris and I am Margi’s fourth toy poodle. Does one really need four toy poodles you might be asking? Well you do when the last one is me! I’m Andy’s nephew so I’m really hoping to be a flyball dog one day. I love a ball and my recalls to a tug are speedy so far. Right now mom and I are focusing on training classes and life experiences to build my confidence. I love playing with Andy, Tiki, and Bug when I’m not learning new stuff with mom. Everybody on Pawmetto Pack is really friendly and I happily visit each one at practice. I also love to go to tournaments and watch the big dogs race. I know I’m going to be out there one day!