Name: Libby
Lickety-Split Libby’s Exhibit
Handler: Kristen Hudson
Breed: Black Lab
Birth date: 2005
Fastest time: 4.6 seconds

Libby, known as Lickety-Split Libby’s Exhibit in AKC registration, is an 8 ½ year old Labrador Retriever. Luckily, Libby is a field trial lab who only weighs about forty pounds. She came to live with our family in July 2007 when her previous owner discovered she had crossed eyes, which hindered her field trial work.

Libby is a bundle of energy and absolutely loves flyball! She began training for the sport in July 2007 and competed in her first tournament in November 2007. Libby recently reached 30,000 points which earned her a Grand Championship title in NAFA. She is the first dog on Pawmetto Pack to receive this title. Libby’s fastest time is a 4.6, but she consistently runs a 5.0 when her handler passes correctly.

Libby has no other hobbies because to her there is nothing else! She lives with a senior Golden Retriever, a prissy Greyhound, and an aggravating German Shepherd puppy. She is owned by Kristen Hudson and has a dad – Mark Hudson, brother Matthew, and a sister Katelyn. This crazy little lab came from field trial championship lines. Her small vision impairment helped her get to a sport she lives for. Libby runs the same speed the last heat of a tournament as she does the first. If she had a complaint it would be that the tournaments are not long enough!